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29 June 2011

Truett's Room

I am so excited to share Truett's nursery with you today! I have to admit that I was less than thrilled to decorate a boy's room after having such a great time with Maren's room. Then I found this fabric collection. I knew it would be a great jumping-off point for our little man's nursery. I chose to use the cars, pebble, and blue asterisk fabrics from the Birch Circa*50 collection. I found supplemental fabrics for the crib bedding and quilt from a fabulous little fabric boutique. Angie stocks a great selection of modern fabric, and I love being able to see and touch the colors and patterns before I commit. My mother-in-law generously offered to make the quilt and crib bedding. It was such a gift, and I love how it all turned out! The walls are Pale Avocado by Benjamin Moore. I can't remember what color the ceiling is, but I'm so glad we painted it. We found the crown molding on Craigslist for super cheap. Seriously, I think we paid about $10 for all of it. It was just wood and Brett painted it to match the rest of the trim in the house. I love how much it changes the room!

Let's start the tour!

We used the same furniture that was in Maren's nursery. The one thing we didn't buy the first time around was a comfortable chair. I found the Pottery Barn rocking chair on Craigslist for a song. I can't say enough good things about this chair. If you are having a baby...buy a nice chair! You will not regret it! The rug, lamp, basket for diaper-changing necessities, and black shelf are from Homegoods. I love that place. The shelf has little wood milk bottles, a vintage puzzle and a turquoise ball jar with dominoes...all toys that belonged to my dad at one point. I think vintage items that have special meaning are such treasures. The print above the chair is from Studio Mela and it's the sweetest thing.

The corner shelf isn't my favorite in here, but it will work until my sweet husband can execute my other vision for that space. *wink* There's a variety of fun little things on the shelf for now...a vintage globe from a thrift store, a piggy bank, a few more vintage toys, a neat picture from a dear friend, a special little carved Noah's ark that my grandpa made. I'll have to remember to get some close-up photos of those things someday. The little rocking chair was mine when I was a girl. I thought it would be nice for Maren to have a place to sit while I'm nursing Truett.

Isn't the crib bedding so fun?!

I love the simple little collage above the crib. I wanted to keep it neutral because I knew the bedding would be bold. The large 'T' is from here, and the smaller one from here. The 'I am a child of God' print came from here. I love Etsy, and was thrilled to support these great shops. I found the little scooter print at Target. I thought it added a little whimsy.

This is the quilt. Isn't it awesome?! The quilt pattern came from Modern Obsession: Modern Quilts with Traditional Roots. If you are a quilter and have not seen this book, you must take a look! It has some wonderful patterns and ideas.

The back of the quilt is even fabulous!
So, there you have it...one special room for a pretty amazing little guy. For now he's still sleeping in our room in a cradle, but he'll be spending some quality time in his room before long.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love it Kate!!!! Sooooo cute!!! And, you never cease to amaze me with your sewing skills. Congrats on Truett, I can't wait to meet him!

  2. I love his room! I was not excited about decorating a boy's room either and ended up making our bedding also. I love how you paired with colorful and whimsical with the neutral, calm foundation. And I love your sentimental pieces. He will love it! And having a chair for Maren is ingenious!

  3. Kate, I love the room and the bedding and Truett's name... I could go on and on! What a blessing this little guy is! :) Congrats!