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31 August 2010

Hello, Goodbye!

Hello, Pumpkin Spice Latte...did you know they're back? I had my first on Saturday, right before I went to get my haircut. What a treat! If I closed my eyes and turned the a.c. way up in my car, I could almost fool myself into thinking it was fall, and not the 80 degree day it was in actuality. Please note: I did not close my eyes while driving. I actually didn't close my eyes at all. But if I would have, I might have been able to pretend autumn was making an appearance!
Please don't hate me for willing autumn to arrive. I will be singing a different tune come February, but for now I say...bring on the sweater weather, pumpkins, crunchy leaves and comfort foods.

This weekend I will say goodbye to my summer decor and I'll begin to invite touches of autumn into our home, starting here:
Ha! Yes, we do indeed have rabbit ears, and there they are right in the picture. This is how we live, folks!

I loved the way the summer mantel came together. Some of my favorite things are on display. The vintage hat was my grandma's and the glass milk bottle was from the dairy where she grew up. I know it doesn't show much, but the baby picture on the front of the bottle is fashioned after my great-uncle. Such a sweet heirloom!

I've loved having this funky vintage box-purse on display through the summer. With it's warm tones, I might try to incorporate it into the autumn mantel...we'll see.

Incidentally, my grandma also painted the watercolor. The yellow frame was original to the piece, and I love it!


  1. I just saw that the pumpkin spice was back today and I was cursing myself for not noticing it before I ordered my usual venti peppermint mocha! Love that fall is around the corner!

  2. i am super jealous because fall has actually arrived here, but in this one horse town I live in, there is no Starbucks, so no pumpkin spice :( It is a sad day!

  3. Yum, Yum, I had one at B&N last night :)